A picture is worth a thousand words

Sometimes, years later, the human story of a simple border war picture carries so much, especially as to the sacrifice families make when a father or brother gets “called up” to fight a war.  This from Lorraine Beer when this photo was published on the South African Legion’s social media.

“This photo is very special to my family, my brother Trevor Leo is on the right has his wife Lynette with his first born, as yet unseen son Craig in the pram and his mother Madeleine behind her.”

Here the Cape Town Highlanders stage a homecoming parade in Darling Street, Cape Town upon their return from the Angolan border operational area on the 17th of March 1976.

What a fantastic memory to have, and what a pure insight into the simple human truths that come along when men and women are called to serve their country  – thank you Lorraine.

Photo copyright, The Argus.

2 thoughts on “A picture is worth a thousand words

  1. I was a member of the Highlanders that returned from Angola on that day and we marched with our rifles and bayonets drawn???
    Cpl. Arthur Jacobs


  2. Bravo to all you veterans of the Angolan-South Africa bush war. Not only did you bring the fight to Neto but to the Cubans as well. We here in the USA could only watch and protest as Castro laughed in our faces as he dove into the cause of upholding communism while we licked our wounds from the lost Vietnam war. SADF have my respect. Thank you, Boers and Afrikkaner.


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