One thought on “ATA

  1. Amazing brave women… all of them. In particular South Africa’s Jackie Moggerige. Hats off and salute to an extremely courageous LADY…. SALUTE. Sadly…like with ALL South Africans and Rhodesians who served King and Country and Empire during the 2nd World War…..not one is ever given recognition for the fact that they were WHITE Africans. ”Bomber” Harris, Dougals Bader, Ian Douglas Smith.. and so the list goes ON…including Jackie? All because the limpwristed, pathetic left wing and appologetci POMS consider it politically incorrect as it may not suit the new order of the day, the AU, UN…and blacks in general….?? You wont see it mentioned on TV or in the Media..OR at Military Commemeration Services for 1st and 2nd W/W.


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