Peter Dickens works closely in South African military veterans affairs, he is the President of the South African Legion of Military Veterans – England Branch and he is also the Chairman of the Royal British Legion – South African Branch.

In terms of military experience, Peter served in the South African Army as an Operations Officer, a Convoy Commander and finally as a SSO3 in 15RCD – Gauteng Command, he holds the rank of Captain.

Peter has a B Soc Sc from Rhodes University in South Africa majoring in Economic History and Economics and a H Dip Marketing from the University of South Africa. He has three broad passions – underwater wreck diving, flying light aircraft and military history.

9 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Just came across this great blog! Brilliantly done and a so good to see someone documenting our military history in this way. Thanks Peter from a former Company Commander of 14RCD in Voortrekkerhoogte!

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  2. Thanks for the article on Angola and the SAAF aircraft that were flown there. I was once at Snake Valley with Col Mac Gregor and as we walked between the hangers came upon a large number of
    Cessna 185.s which were having their Portuguese markings removed and taken back into SAAF inventory. I imagine they came from Mozambique.

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  3. Peter hello

    Your article about the liberation of Florence augments my family history and resonates deeply. Thank you!

    My father was one of these liberators – who had been right through the Africa campaign – Captain Ian Ellis.
    My mother had been in the Resistance and could only re-enter her city after 18 months in hiding – Giovanna (Robin) Giachetti .
    My English grandmother opened their home in Florence to the conquering heroes, which became a sort of SA go-to haven with a family that spoke English! – Baroness Nelly Giachetti.

    My parents got engaged in Piazzale Michelangelo in 1944, were married in the Anglican church in Florence in July 1945, and my brother, appropriately called David, was born in 1947 after their return to SA, where they lived ever after.
    Ian died in 2003 and Robin is 96, in Cape Town.

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  4. You are to be congratulated Peter on a great resource. I read your sadness at the lack of interest in South African historical military affairs; but I guess one has to be philosophical. C’est la vie.

    Achieving a commission meant a lot to me and my family was deeply involved in SA military affairs from the Boer War (as a veg commandant) and in Delville Wood (as a subaltern) etc.

    I will follow your siren song of success with this great site.

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