Peter Dickens works closely in South African military veterans affairs, he is the President of the South African Legion of Military Veterans – England Branch and he is also the Chairman of the Royal British Legion – South African Branch.

In terms of military experience, Peter served in the South African Army as an Operations Officer, a Convoy Commander and finally as a SSO3 in 15RCD – Gauteng Command, he holds the rank of Captain.

Peter has a B Soc Sc from Rhodes University in South Africa majoring in Economic History and Economics and a H Dip Marketing from the University of South Africa. He has three broad passions – underwater wreck diving, flying light aircraft and military history.

5 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Just came across this great blog! Brilliantly done and a so good to see someone documenting our military history in this way. Thanks Peter from a former Company Commander of 14RCD in Voortrekkerhoogte!

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  2. Thanks for the article on Angola and the SAAF aircraft that were flown there. I was once at Snake Valley with Col Mac Gregor and as we walked between the hangers came upon a large number of
    Cessna 185.s which were having their Portuguese markings removed and taken back into SAAF inventory. I imagine they came from Mozambique.


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