This blog has been set up to keep contemporary South African Military history alive and reveal the truth – because historical “truth” in South Africa is so often skewed to some or other political agenda.

During all of it’s epochs, the South African statute forces have been marginalised or demonised to serve each respective incoming regime’s political ideology. The original “Union Defence Force” (UDF) of the Botha/Smuts government was branded by the National Party, on their ascent to power in 1948, as “traitors” for serving the British Crown in WW1 and WW2, the Nationalist government in turn reformed the Defence Force in their own image as the “South African Defence Force” (SADF) and it has subsequently been branded as the “Apartheid forces”, the reformation of which in 1994 – “The South African National Defence Force” (SANDF) is now branded as nepotist and corrupt in line with the ANC’s current political legacy.

In all the above – the “truth,” the “heroes” and the “great and noble deeds” undertaken by men and women who have served in a South African uniform has been lost and discarded in favour of political reforms or ideologies. Very often those reforms have repressed the actual history, removed it entirely or manipulated it – to the point that most South Africans have very little knowledge of their own military history or at best view it through very tinted and tainted political glasses – usually along racial lines.

I hope to open South African eyes and challenge those perceptions through the promotion of the truth and highlight the great and noble deeds undertaken by those South Africans who have sacrificed and served the country with pride – of all colours and creeds, from all sides of the political spectrum.

Along the way I hope to uncover the “hidden history” and bring to light that which was expressly omitted from the educational curriculums in South Africa, or at best redress the history that has (and still is) been moulded by propaganda and the deliberate changing of the historical narrative to suite the government of the day’s political agenda and outlook.

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  1. I would like to get in touch with you as I have my grandfathers albums of ww11. He served in 12 Sqd and his foto albums start from the sinking of the Watusi to exercises is Karabib to deployment in east Africa an north Afrika and the Mid East with captions. I think it is a shame to let it not be seen


  2. I have also got a few pictures of my mother while she served. She was in Egypt. Her name is Lorraine Gladys Scott (nee Raymond)and she was a Staff Sergeant.


  3. Thank you very much for the informative article about Sailor Malan. I was surprised to see this on a South African historical site. In Britain every person in the military history knows about Malan – just is his own native country, South Africa, he is ignored and forgotten – due to his beliefs in human rights.
    I have a file full of Malan’s information and would love to see more of this remarkable man, father, husband and aviator. Keep up die good work and let us keep our rich history alive.

    Viva Sailor..!!!!!

    Jacques P Mostert
    Cape Town


    • Hi Jacques , interested in your file on Sailor Malan as I am researching stuff on him at the moment. I am very interested in all aspects of his life but especially the Torch Commando times. Do you have much information on the marches etc of the TC ? I would be interested in it. Would like to chat. Thanks Alan Nowlan


  4. Hi
    Thanks for this site.absolutely brilliant.while i knew a little about SA’s contribution i was blown away.what amazing truths and facts.so sad this history is not taught at schools and is generally forgotten of.


  5. Hi Peter, I’ve tried to get hold of you on your gmail address, but with no success. It is about using your skills or your content in a local SA publication.


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