One thought on “Bobby Locke with his Famous Putter

  1. Dear Observer Post, I really enjoy seeing the above recovered photograph ( circa 1947?) with “Bobby” Locke nursing his famous putter which so suited him, his personal, positive attitude and activity in putting ever so reliably to win accolades and trophies galore. That putter gave him tremendous confidence as I witnessed many times as he aimed well to the right of the hole, gave the ball a sharp rap with his rolling wrists and hardly any follow through after a peculiar action of the wrist to give, what he thought was topspin. Ball into hole often enough to win four British Open Championships and be in a threatening position or a win in how many others? He is seen holding his “Big Boy” , hand made, antique weapon of victory – it is “The One” for sure. That is IT, unmarked and unstamped – no maker or user’s name. It was, almost a magic wand in his days of fame and fortune. I have a report to follow about this putter which appears to have vanished into “space”.

    He would never have swopped it for another and believed very definitely that putter not only suited him and his putting style and technique but had an element of “Magic” about it as did a golf ball marked “4” and no other.




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