Epic Navy Style Water Skiing

South African Navy task Force returning from a flag showing cruise to Taiwan in mid 1990. This fun photo showing typical South African spirit was taken of a South African Navy Strike Craft – SAS Jan Smuts towing Richard Snook who is seen water skiing behind it.

The photo was taken from the deck of the SAS Drakensberg travelling at about 20 – 25 knots (40-45 km/h). Another strike craft – the SAS Hendrick Mentz was also in attendance when this fun stunt was performed.

According to Richard Snook, the skier, “the water was a bit choppy, but I managed to stay up until we had given Admiral Woodburne the salute”.

Salute to you Richard for demonstrating a typically South African can do attitude and sense of humour.

Photo courtesy Geoff Johnstone.