That old familiar drone – SAAF Harvards

An image (and sound) some of us remember very well, the sky full of droning SAAF Harvards training our pilots.

The first Harvards arrived in South Africa in October 1942 for use by the Joint Air Training Scheme schools. By July 1944, 633 Harvard Mk IIA and III aircraft had been shipped to South Africa, with 555 surviving in October 1945 (379 MkIIAs and 176 Mk IIIs).

As the Harvards had been supplied on lend-lease by the US, 300 were shipped back to the UK from 1946, with the remainder being purchased by South Africa.

65 AT-6Ds (7634 to 7698) and 30 T-6Gs (7699 to 7728) were purchased from the USA during 1952-1956.

One thought on “That old familiar drone – SAAF Harvards

  1. Does anybody know about a Japanese submarine going to periscope depth in Durban Harbour during WW2? I heard a translated interview with the submarine captain on the radio years ago in SA and was amazed when I heard about this but have not been able to get any more information about this.


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